Wednesday, August 27, 2008

August was a month of fun, also of sickness. First I had strep throat, then Patrick had sinus surgery, Wren had a sinus infection, and now, the last week of August and Savannah has been home all week with a fever, no appetite and no energy. So I am not sad that August is almost over! I have to admit, it has been nice having a quiet week with Savannah. Painting, watching television, reading books and snuggly naps.

August was also more fun in the sun time, wading pool, gardening, enjoying our new deck. Savannah attended her first princess birthday party and Cinderella made an appearance and danced and sang for the little princesses. It was quite an event, and beautiful to see all of thepretty colors and dancing princesses.

Mimi came out for a nice visit. We enjoyed the girls, traveled to Alexandria for a family get together and attended a Wiggles concert! Also we took a day and spent time with horses at Breezy Hill Farm. Followed by lunch and margarita's, ahhh... a perfect day.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Savannah and I were watching the Tigger and Pooh show this morning, they thought that a magic spell had turned CR into a frog. "Hey Savannah, wouldn't it be fun to be able to turn people into frogs?"
"No!! I would never do that to Elsa (friend) or Alec (cousin)............................or even Wren (sister)."

Thursday, July 03, 2008

July was a full month. We went to the annual Town of Vienna Festival on the Fourth of July, Wren, only 2 years old, has attended 3 years in a row! Both girls moved up to a new class at daycare. Savannah is in the Bears 4yo class and it is busy, busy busy. She brings home projects and homework. The class goes on field trips, has picnics and shows, she is really enjoying the new adventures. I went with her and her class on a field trip to the water park. Wren is in the Butterflies class, she LOVES school. Her favorite day is Splash Day.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Balloons and birthday cakes.
It is June, and that means Birthday Season at our house. It is like Christmas or Halloween, a big deal! Savannah's birthday is 6/15 and Wren's is 6/13, Father's Day and Flag Day are always right in the same time of the month, so there is plenty to celebrate. It is a season all it's own. Savannah's cake was as she requested: lots of flowers and a princess or two. Her classroom party was a little less chaotic, the cake must have been good, because they demolished it.

I ordered a special Elmo cake for Wren, took it to her classroom on her birthday. She was so cute and happy, she jumped around a lot while they sang Happy Birthday, then we let the kids tear into the cake. All that bright red frosting, it was a huge mess!
Today was just so fun. We went to a Half-Pints class at Whole Foods, the instructor (Celia Cantor) was excellent!
The theme was Zoo animals and the craft project was making masks. Savannah did hers mostly by herself (a tiger) and Wren directed and pariticipated with hers (imaginary animal with feathers and an elephant like nose)

Then they sang songs, read books, and enjoyed a snack. All in one hour. so thanks to whole foods for a fun start to the day. Home for lunch, naps and chaos. After naps they were in the front yard eating popsicles and playing in the wading pool. Dancing, pushing, hugging, fighting. I think they need a bigger pool....

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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Birthday Party at House of Bounce, it was very fun! I had a great time too. Savannah and I attended, Wren stayed home and caused trouble of some kind or another...

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Winter 2008 - Dress up playdates and birthday parties. Fun times.
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Sunday, March 09, 2008

One January day, it snowed while we were at school and work. Savannah and I had great fun building a quickie snowman. She was so proud of him!

I think Wren has been watching Mama too much (BUI). She pulled this clean (empty!)wineglass from the dishwasher and headed straight over to the computer.

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